This post would interest anyone who owns or runs a business locally and is looking to increase revenue and local connections.

BNI is the world’s most successful referral networking organisation generating £11.2 billion of business for our members last year. I attend the local BNI business community called Hove Albion (click link to view) and we shared nearly £2 million of business in the last calendar year.

If you have done the networking circuit before I expect you know it can be hit and miss as you probably won’t sit next to the right person and it will be a month before you see him/her again anyway. BNI is different as we meet every week and focus on building relationships & trust as well as learning about each other’s businesses. This means we are all finely tuned to listen out for each other’s ideal referral, sharing £1.8 million in business in the last year is the result. All data is recorded via the app so you can see the return on your membership fee at any time.

When you join you lock out your competition so there is only one letting agent, accountant, builder etc. There are currently 53 members in the room alone but most of the business comes from our wider networks. In essence all members act as each other’s sales team which is ideal if you run a small to medium sized business.

Apart from receiving business referrals I also get to see the business owners providing 17 vital services to Bishop Sullivan. Not only has BNI helped grow the business it has also helped streamline the service we provide. How could our 53 members help you?

Finally with so many experienced and well connected members this friendly business community regularly helps members in their moment of need whether that is advice, assistance or loaned equipment.

Have a look at our Facebook page where we post photos & videos from the meetings and events we have attended. We’re a sociable group, we often meet up after work, play sports together, raise money for charity and personally as a Brucey bonus I have made a lot of friends.

If you want to grow your business come along to a breakfast meeting to find out how BNI will work for you. It’s FREE to visit twice and you can also promote your own business to the room. All that and you will still get to work by 09:00! If you would like to know more please email or call me below.


Aside from being an advocate of BNI my passion is running a lettings business:

If you need any assistance letting your property in Brighton, Hove, Kemptown and surrounding areas or if you just have some general queries please feel free to contact us on +44 (0)1273 646426 or

You may be interested to hear our Google Rating is in the top 8% of local letting agents.

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