As per the Tenancy Agreement one month’s notice will be required on or before a rent due date to terminate the Tenancy at the end of the fixed term. Please take note to ensure you do this correctly, we are always happy to help if you need assistance.

A check-out will be booked for the vacate date and a fee will be due to Bishop Sullivan. The inventory clerk will use the same inventory as the start of the Tenancy.

Since 2007, all deposits must be protected by one of the Tenancy Deposit Schemes licensed by the government, which

  • Provides an independent means of resolving any dispute that may arise between Tenant and Landlord
  • Means that Landlords cannot unfairly hold on to tenants‚Äô deposits
  • Gives all parties confidence that deposits are protected by a licensed organisation, which safeguards Tenancy Deposits against rogue Landlords, Tenants, and Agents.

At the start of the Tenancy, the Landlord and the Tenant are given details on the deposit return process as well as a deposit certificate. Should there be any breakages or damage to the property, both parties have an independent means of agreeing how the cost should be apportioned.

Where Bishop Sullivan are providing a Fully Managed service to the Landlord we will liaise between Landlord and Tenant to agree deductions (if any) whilst ensuring that government guidelines are adhered to. Occasionally we may provide this service for Landlords on the Part-Managed or Tenant Introduction service. Otherwise you will need to agree deductions (if any) directly with your Landlord.

Deductions cannot be taken from the deposit unless both parties agree. Where there is a dispute over a suggested deduction Tenants can use the dispute service for adjudication. Bishop Sullivan will provide full details on how to carry this out in the unlikely event it occurs.