Once you have found a property that matches your requirements it’s good idea to be certain it is within budget before making an offer.

Please use our helpful Affordability Calculator to see what your individual or combined (if sharing) salary needs to be monthly rent x 12 = annual rent x 2.5 = salary required to pass referencing

Good to go? Call Bishop Sullivan and we will ask you to confirm:

  • When you are looking to move in?
  • How long you are looking to stay?
  • What rent you are looking to pay and what your annual salary is?
  • If you need a Guarantor you will be asked to confirm his/her income also.

Bishop Sullivan will contact the Landlord and once agreed will need all Tenants to sign an Application Fee letter confirming the offer and also take a Holding Deposit by transfer to remove the property from the market.

Holding Deposit maximum of 1 week’s rent

It is important to note that is the tenant provides false or misleading information; they fail a right to rent check; they withdraw from the agreement; or fail to take reasonable steps to enter an agreement the Holding Deposit may not be refunded.

Following the Right to Rent Act we will need to sight and copy each Tenant’s passport in person in the office.

Finally, following the anti-Money Laundering Regs 2007 we will need proof of address (photo driving license, posted bank statement, posted utility bill or posted council tax statement) from within the last three months. This can be photocopied in the office, stamped and copied at a post office or stamped and copied by a solicitor, then posted to Bishop Sullivan.

Students will need to provide a letter from your college or uni confirming your place there.