Keep Bishop Sullivan or your Landlord informed of problems with the property. Seemingly small issues, like sealant coming away from around a bath, can escalate and lead to bigger problems such as water leakage, which can reap havoc not just in your property, but also your neighbour’s if left unattended.

It sounds obvious, but don’t try to cover up damage you cause to the property or furnishings. Although it might mean a tricky conversation with Bishop Sullivan or your Landlord, letting them know straight away and offering to repair the damage could save you money and also help maintain a healthy relationship.

Before you move out, you‚Äôll need to leave the property as close to the condition in which you found it when you moved in. This is why it‚Äôs worth keeping on top of cleaning throughout the Tenancy so there‚Äôs not a mad panic at the end! Alternatively, you could pay a professional agency to do it for you and save the hassle. Bishop Sullivan will provide you with a cleaning company’s details and 10% discount code in your vacate letter. Commonly missed checks include the top of window frames, the washing machine detergent drawer and the condition of the extractor fan above the oven.