This varies slightly on some properties, but generally speaking… The Landlord is usually responsible for:

  • Insuring the property against flood, fire and so on
  • Repairs and maintenance to the hot water and heating system, electricity and pipes (not light bulbs sadly, that’s your job)
  • Repair of any appliances that were included with the property
  • If it‚Äôs a flat, any service charges (for maintenance to the structure of the building (roof, exterior walls, windows etc), cleaning and electricity in the communal areas.

The Tenant is usually responsible for:

  • all bills for electricity and gas (if present), water, and council tax.
  • bills for telephone, broadband or cable TV if you want these
  • insuring your own possessions in the property
  • repair of any appliances that the tenant has had installed
  • keeping the property clean and in good condition
  • informing the landlord or us about any defects.

There are three services that Bishop Sullivan provide to our Landlords:

  • Managed
    Where you pay rent to Bishop Sullivan and also call us if there is a maintenance issue

For Managed tenants who have a maintenance issue please contact the office on +44 (0)1273 646426 or in work hours, or Done & Dusted on +44 (0)7805 569727 for out of hours emergencies. Be advised a non-emergency call-out may be classed as a Tenant liability, please refer to the What is Maintenance sheet emailed after your move if unsure.

  • Rent
    Where you pay rent to Bishop Sullivan and call the Landlord if there is a maintenance issue
  • Introduction
    Where you pay rent to the Landlord and also call him/her if there is a maintenance issue

Bishop Sullivan will make you fully aware which service the property is on and provide you with the relevant contact details before you move in

Towards the end of your fixed term Bishop Sullivan will contact you to check if you would like to remain in the property for a further term. If a renewal is agreed a fee will be due by the renewal date.