The Local Lettings Market + Legislation Update

Firstly, let’s look at the market: We were quite glad to see the end of 2021 as from June it became incredibly difficult to get the majority of maintenance carried out in anything like the timescales we had been accustomed to. This was down to several issues, namely; the pandemic causing trades staffing shortages and/or […]

How is global warming, Covid-19 & property video tours linked?

We have all been through a moment in time we will never forget, the old world has gone and we are now entering the new world. This post is looking at how global warming, Covid-19 and property video tours are all linked. In the last 3 months the book Black Swan has been mentioned many […]

Rental Property Maintenance During Lockdown

Rental Property Maintenance During Lockdown Information flying about at the moment seems to be both abundant and sparse as people are saying a great deal about the situation but the facts remain unclear. This has made things very difficult for us because our landlords and tenants have been bombarded with opinions on what is and […]

The Big City Sleepout 2

Hi, Welcome to The Big City Sleepout on 16th December 2019. Thank you for showing interest in braving the winter cold and raise funds for young homeless people in Brighton & Hove. The Clock Tower Sanctuary has been open for 21 years, helping 16-25 year olds who are homeless or insecurely housed. Over the winter […]

Landlord Obligations UK

Hello, This week we are looking at Landlord obligations for a new Tenancy. At Bishop Sullivan’s we use a double sided checklist for a property coming onto the market through to closing the file down after the Tenant has moved in. It is definitely not ‘just clicking a few buttons’ which we often hear! Why […]

How to rent with pets

Hello, This week were are looking at Tenants with pets and I have 8 tips to help you source the right property. Earlier this year Zoopla research confirmed the search term ‘pets’ as the 3rd most popular in UK. This coincides with an increase in UK pet ownership in recent years. You may recall the […]

Why the Housing Crisis leads to Homelessness

Hello, As the weather gets wetter and colder thoughts always turn to those less fortunate. This blog is looking at the drivers for homelessness and there is a sneak peak of a charity event coming up at the end if you want to help make a difference. Govt Policy Politicians are supposed to be there […]

How to prepare a rental property for tenants

Hello, So you’ve got a property but are not sure what to do before marketing? Well luckily for you I have a 7 point checklist below. Before you spend the bucks just remember this is an investment so you need to always consider longevity over a high end finish for the mass market. It is […]

How to Minimise Tenancy Deposit Deductions

Hello, This blog is aimed at Tenants looking to minimise deposit deductions at the end of a Tenancy. Just a bit of legal know-how first: As you may be aware there are 3 deposit schemes TDS, MyDeposits and DPS All UK Tenancy deposits are a maximum of 5 weeks since 1-JUN-19 The deposit must be […]